29 Years of Experience & Excellence in Underground Infrastructure

Weber Contracting #7 Ltd was founded in 1989 by the Weber family. The company is based on the extensive knowledge and experience of owner Mark Weber, and the other team members of Weber Contracting. Weber Contracting specializes in the utility construction and network installation services, including underground infrastructure installations and pipe/cable burying. Customers include communication providers, electrical utility companies, water & sewer agencies, wind turbine companies, railway companies, government agencies and municipalities, public and private enterprises, as well as general contractors. A large part of Weber Contracting’s continued success is due to the quality of trained professionals on staff, that are dedicated, safety oriented, and who strive for the highest quality of work possible. With the most advanced and up-to-date equipment and a wide network of suppliers, our projects can be a complete turn-key or they can be customized to meet individual customers’ needs. The Weber family is proud of the reputable business they have built, and continues to look for new ways to serve customers in a timely, and cost effective manner.