Weber Contracting Offers:

Fiber Optic Technical Services

Our fiber optic technicians specialize in connecting fiber optic infrastructure for businesses, government entities, schools, and private homeowners. We can implement and maintain your fiber network, starting from the ground up, and we provide network plan design services to ensure that your network installation runs smoothly from start to finish. We provide fiber technical services for telecommunication purposes for individuals, companies, and government entities throughout Ontario.

Fiber Optic Splicing

If you need to splice into an existing line, or if you’re installing spliced lines, we can help. Our technicians are experts in fiber optic splicing, and we will work with you to ensure that your network is connected properly. As we mentioned, we can work with existing lines, uncovering the current, buried fiber infrastructure in order to splice it. We may also excavate, trench, horizontally drill, or jet in new fiber optic lines, depending on the demands of the site.

Fiber Management

When it comes to organizing the connections of your fiber networks, we have the knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure that your network is operational. Plus, we can assess and fix any errors in your system, should they occur after an installation. Our fiber management team is savvy on complex fiber installations, including installing complex networks, splicing, and routing fiber lines.

Fiber Optic Plant Design

Designing a fiber optic plant is the first and foremost step in a network implementation. Our fiber optic network designers will ensure that your cables are properly spliced, routed, and, when necessary, terminated properly. We’ll work with you to understand the demands of your fiber optic network, and we’ll ensure that our installation plan works well with the construction demands of your building and the design of your site.

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